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Driving around now on my licence (having passed it on the first attempt!), I'm really glad to have had Henry as a teacher. I feel very capable behind the wheel, and confident in my driving. I think this is largely due to the fact that lessons with Henry were not only about getting you ready to pass a test, but getting you ready to be a safe driver on the road. Henry has a good knack for identifying the key problems with your driving, and continually instructing and encouraging you to overcome them.


From Henry, I learnt to be a safe driver, an efficient driver, a treat-my-car-properly driver, and - of course - a certified Vic Roads driver! Henry has a great personality, always conducting his lessons with patience, respect, and a friendly smile.

Personally, the journey to getting into the testing seat itself was quite a saga for me, and Henry was there throughout it all.


Thanks Henry for all your help, and good luck to your future students in all their driving!


Tal Ellinson, Caulfield North, VIC - November 2011

I had been putting off getting my licence for years after an experience with a bad instructor, and it was only after Henry was recommended to me that I finally felt comfortable driving. His calm and clear teaching style gave me the guidance and confidence to start driving, and ultimately helped me to get my licence on my first attempt. I would recommend Henry to anyone wanting to become a confident and safe driver. Thanks again Henry!


Anna Sapontsis, St Kilda, VIC - June 2011

Dear Henry,


I just wanted to thank you for helping me become the confident and safe driver that I am today.

You really helped me feel at ease behind the wheel, and you were patient even when I became frustrated at myself.


Thanks - Merci - תודה רבה


Romy Sachwald, Caulfield North, VIC - February 2011

Hi Henry,

Feel free to publish the following online:


I failed the driving test twice - and then I met Henry Douek.


I really felt he was there for me the whole way. He collected all the weak points, and had a list of them in our next lesson. He went out of his way to make sure I would get a test date before the hazard perception test expired - even booking it for me.


I passed on my third attempt.


Many thanks,

Matt Benny, Monash


Matt Benny, St Kilda East, VIC - November 2010

Henry Douek is a patient and responsible instructor who puts time and effort into every student. Within my time learning to drive with Henry, he has taught me the necessary skills to become a successful driver, which ultimately led to me getting my licence. He is calm, and always makes you feel as if you are in control.


I recommend Henry as a driving instructor for his enthusiasm and his devotion to his work.


Toby Azoulay, Caulfield North, VIC - July 2010

Dear Henry,

Thank you so much! I passed my test the first time after less than 6 weeks as your student. This was definitely due mostly to your terrific instruction. I really wasn't sure I'd be able to pass in so short a time (I left the country 2 days after I passed) but thanks to your help, I felt confident, and did it!

Thanks again!

Eli Parkes, Caulfield North, VIC - April 2010

Dear Henry,


As a woman in her 50s learning to drive for the first time, I thought that I would never be able to get my licence, but with your patient and caring instruction, I was able to build up the confidence over the last few months to go for the drive test. I'm ecstatic to say that I passed first time, mostly thanks to the quality of your driving instruction. I look forward to driving in my new little car. Regards,


Debra Shatowski, St Kilda East, VIC - March 2010

Hi Henry,


I wanted to thank you for all the support and encouragement while I was learning to drive. You helped me improve on my reverse parks and three point turns. You were also very patient, and helped me pass my test first time. I now have a car of my own which I enjoy driving. Thank you again for being a great teacher.


Danielle Flack, East Brighton, VIC, - March 2010

Dear Henry,


As you could probably tell from my white knuckled grasp on the steering wheel, I was incredibly nervous when I began driving. That feeling almost immediately disappeared in your classes, which were never boring or intimidating. On the contrary, they were always extremely humorous and had a light, calm atmosphere so I didn't feel embarrassed making any mistakes (which, at first, I made plenty of). Your sense of humour and jokes added another dimension to the lessons and really made me laugh.


Thank you Henry for having faith in me (especially when my parents didn't), and for helping me pass my licence test the first time with 0 errors. I really appreciate your patience and belief in me. And it is definitely because of you that not only can I competently reverse parallel park, but for some reason, find them incredibly fun.


Bronwyn Gamsu, Caulfield, VIC - February 2010

Thank you Henry,

I can't begin to express my appreciation for your wonderful, patient and calm teaching of this nervous 'begin-again' driver (dormant for many years, and reincarnated on the other side of the road). Aside from the excellent technical instruction, your belief that I really could do it gave me the necessary inspiration to see it through.

Ruth Weiss, Balaclava, VIC - November 2009

Hi Henry, well this took me some time but I've finally got around to thanking you for being such a great driving instructor. I have been driving solo for a couple of months now and find that lessons and skills you have taught me are invaluable, I use them every day. You were very patient, friendly and funny and had a lot of great advice to give. Thanks to you I can now cruise around in my little Barina with confidence. Thanks heaps Henry.


Rose Girvasi, Oakleigh South, VIC - August 2009

Hi Henry,

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. I have to say that I miss driving lessons with you now that I have my licence. I remember how scared I was the first time I got into the car, but after about 20 minutes you had me feeling confident driving manual. Most of all it was the impressions and imitated accents that made me look forward to lessons and calm my nerves. I always felt safe in the car with you and went into my driving test feeling confident I could pass. Thank you,

Mikayla Green, Glenhuntly, VIC - July 2009

Henry is a terrific driving instructor. With his knowledge and advice I managed to pass my drive test on my first attempt. Henry is always aware of any hazards on the road and gives all necessary information of how to combat them. He gives a lot of useful feedback in an easy to understand way, and is always happy to answer any questions one might have. He has a wonderful personality making the lessons not only educational and safe but also enjoyable. I am a much safer driver because of my lessons with Henry. 

Eli Barr, Caulfield North, VIC - July 2009

To whom it may concern..

Henry Douek taught me to drive over an 18 month period. I found him to be very courteous, helpful and patient. He was really helpful in teaching me about to park. I passed my exam first go and I credit Henry with helping me achieve that goal. I would happily recommend him to any teenager learning to drive. 

Rachel Powell, Glen Iris, VIC - June 2009

Dear Henry,


I just wanted to say thank you for teaching me prior to me taking my driver test. As a young, probably still immature, 17 year old I tended to think I knew it all. I had been driving with my parents for the past 2 years and thought I was a pretty good driver and knew all that was needed to know for me to obtain my license. I was very wrong. I didnít realize how much I had to learn until I had had a few lessons with you.


Your patience and understanding of a young 17 yr old was exactly what I needed. Your ability to teach me and recognize what it was I was missing in my ability to get my license was incredible.  The information that you needed to convey to me was done in simple terms for me to understand and then put into practice.


I obtained my license on my 18th birthday. What better present could an 18 year old boy ask for? Thanks must go to you Henry, without your support and guidance I am sure I would not have passed.


Thanks again


Ryan Winston, Caulfield, VIC - October 2008

Henry is a great instructor. He was so caring and patient with me and my driving and was also very encouraging. My parents didn't think I'd pass first go, but Henry had faith in me and I passed first time thanks to him. Good on you Henry, top bloke! I recommend Henry to everyone.


Melissa Reinshagen, Brighton, VIC - September 2008




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